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Research, Write, Video Shot and Design

I have been doing business in production and 3D, 2D animation for 21 years. I can list the main titles that describe my job; Directing & Producing, 3D & 2D animation, special effects production and research writing-screenwriting.

In these areas, I have worked a lot with world-renowned brands, states, and major national televisions. And I received awards. Here is a list of my main projects and my clients where I both directed and prepared 3D special effects;

- Istock USA (2 times the weekly best video award from the world's largest video agency)

- I attended Getty Images as a video seller with a special invitation.

- Wild Dragon Energy Drink (Switzerland) (Tv Commercial)

- Xibe Energy Drink (Germany) (Tv Commercial)

- TAI (Turkey Aerospace Industries) (Trailer and 3D Animations)

- Westbrick Murders (Oscar Nominated Actor Eric Roberts' film) (Special Effects-Denmark)

- The Ministry of Culture and the National Library (Trailer) -Turkey - Termikel (Tv Ad -Turkey)

- Küçük Muhteşemdir (Turkey's longest science documentary (Only animations) TRT) - ATV Pop Star (3D Program Generics)

- MentalBoss.com (Trailer)

Thousands of stock videos of mine that I sell in the digital market through Istock and Envato are used in thousands of different projects all over the world.

Researcher Author

- My books "Kutsal Gizemler" and "Kabe’nin Sırrı" books rose to 1st place in the list of best-selling books in their field.

- In almost all national TVs of the country, I was invited to give information about my books, researches, and documentaries in main news and TV Programs such as Saba Tümer and Pelin Çift.

- My documentary about the content of the book reached 3.5 million views on my own youtube channel, and more than 50 million views on all social media and international TV channels.

Here is a list of the programs I use with advanced skills:

- 3dsmax

- Blender

- Davinci Resolve Studio

- After Effects

- Premiere

- Photoshop

- Procreate

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